🏛️Managing an Organization

Effective organizational management

This section covers essential aspects of OzyApprovals to help users manage their organization effectively. Topics include:

  1. Adding an Organization:

    • Learn how to create a new organization, set up key details, and tailor it to your requirements.

  2. Adding Team Members:

    • Understand the process of inviting and managing team members within your organization, assigning roles, and permissions.

  3. Changing Organizations:

    • Discover how to switch between multiple organizations, ensuring a seamless transition when involved in multiple ventures.

  4. Approval Balance:

    • Explore the concept of approval balance, its significance, and how to manage it efficiently within OzyApprovals.

  5. Access Tokens:

    • Delve into the generation and management of access tokens, enabling secure and controlled integration with external systems.

  6. Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

    • Learn about configuring SLAs for approval processes, ensuring adherence to predefined timelines and enhancing accountability.

  7. Billing:

    • Gain insights into managing billing settings, understanding pricing plans, invoices, payments, and optimizing usage to ensure a cost-effective experience with OzyApprovals.

This section will provide in-depth insights and step-by-step instructions to empower users in leveraging OzyApprovals to its fullest potential and optimizing approval workflows within their organizations.

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