Find an Approval Request

Retrieve a request

Use this step to look up an approval request so that you can use the search results on subsequent steps.

Below is an illustration of how to search an approval request.

Enter a request id, then the system will use it to retrieve the data if it exists.

Proceed to test the step to finish setting up the zap.

The "Find an Approval request" action returns the following data structure:

        "auth_key_id_used": "2",
        "date_created": "2023-10-06T20:09:30+03:00",
        "request_platform": "Make",
        "process_name": "Overtime Approvals",
        "process_description": "Overtime approvals",
        "process_id": "2",
        "request_id": "275",
        "request_data": {
            "Timestamp": "06/10/2023 23:08:24",
            "Requestor Email": "",
            "Names": "yub",
            "Overtime Date": "12/10/2023",
            "Line of Business": "Finance",
            "Start Time": "12:12:00",
            "End Time": "12:12:00",
            "Additional Comments": "kjds ldjl"
        "approval_stages": [
                "id": "4",
                "names": "HR Approval",
                "description": "HR Approval",
                "deleted": "NO"
                "id": "5",
                "names": "Finance Approval",
                "description": "For finance to disburse money",
                "deleted": "NO"

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