Account Management

Changing Password and Time zone

Changing Password

To change your password, follow the illustration below

You will be presented with a page that requires your current password and the new password to set as illustrated below

Changing your Time Zone

Setting your timezone is an essential feature of OzyApprovals that greatly enhances the user experience and ensures the accurate handling of time-sensitive operations.

By setting your timezone, you guarantee that timestamps, deadlines, and notifications within the system align with your local time, helping you to better manage and prioritize tasks and approvals.

This customization allows for a seamless collaboration with team members across different regions or time zones, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding deadlines and processes.

Additionally, it facilitates efficient communication and coordination, avoiding any confusion that may arise due to time variations. Overally, setting your timezone in OzyApprovals is a fundamental step to optimize your workflow and enhance productivity in a global and interconnected work environment.

By default, all accounts uses UTC timezone. To change your timezone, follow the illustration below

Select your preferred timezone and it will be saved automatically.

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