When a Ticket SLA Is Breached

Based on Calendar or Business hours

This trigger is fired when a ticket SLA is breached at a particular approval stage. The trigger outputs the full ticket details including the SLA breach data.

Triggers can only be configured per stage.

Below is an illustration of how to set up a trigger for a particular stage.

Select the process. Once the process has been chosen, the stages under the selected process will be loaded for you to select.

Proceed to test the step to finish setting up the zap.

Regardless of the platform, the "When a Ticket SLA Is Breached" trigger returns the following data structure

  "id": "312",
  "ticket_id": "312",
  "process_name": "Overtime Approvals",
  "stage_name": "HR Approval",
  "sla_metrix": "CALENDAR",
  "sla_breach_duration": "0 days, 0 hours, 1 minutes",
  "date_created": "2023-10-07T00:23:15+03:00",
  "date_breached": "2023-10-07T00:25:02+03:00",
  "view_link": "https://ozyapprovals.com/index.php/account/user/views/browse/4",
  "stage_approvers": "user@gmail.com"

Sample of email that is sent out when SLA is breached

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