Register an Approval Request

Start of the approval journey

This Action creates a new request on OzyApprovals. This request can then undergoers one or multiple approval stages.

Below is an illustration of how to register an approval request.

Select the process. Once the process has been chosen, the fields under the selected process will be loaded in the order configured at the approval process for you to input data. The fields marked as required have to be filled before you can continue.

Proceed to test the step to finish setting up the zap.

Regardless of the platform, the "Register an Approval Request" action returns the following data structure

        "msg": "Use the request_id value to initiate an approval stage and/or search this approval process request data.",
        "status": "success",
        "request_id": 275,
        "approval_stages_under": "2",
        "approval_process_stages": [
                "id": "4",
                "names": "HR Approval",
                "description": "HR Approval",
                "deleted": "NO"
                "id": "5",
                "names": "Finance Approval",
                "description": "For finance to disburse money",
                "deleted": "NO"

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