Authorized views

Users workspace

Users will automatically see a list of views that they have access to based on if the user group that they belong to has been added to an approval stage. Below is an illustration

Besides the name of each view is the number of open tickets.

When a view is opened, the columns are displayed according to the configurations of the approval stage as illustrated below

Default Columns : Added by default on all tickets

SLA columns : Added only when SLA is activated for this stage.

Auto picker : Used to prevent two users from actioning on one ticket at the same time. The auto picker will always select the oldest ticket first and assign different tickets to users on the go.

Preview link : Used to view the ticket details before actioning on it.

Once the preview link has been clicked, a preview of the request is shown as below

Clicking on the "Action" button will open a form that is used to action on that request.

Completing the form is equivalent to actioning on the request. After which the user can decide to auto pick another ticket or close the form.

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