Make a connection

Access Tokens supported for now

Connecting OzyApprovals with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools like Zapier, Make, and Power Automate involves the use of access tokens. Access tokens are essential for securely authenticating and authorizing the integration. This guide walks you through the steps to set up this connection.

Step 1: Obtain an Access Token

Access OzyApprovals:

Log in to your OzyApprovals account as an admin and navigate to the Access token section as demonstrated below.

Generate Access Token:

To generate a new access token, click on the "+ New Access Token" button. Assign it a name and the token will be generated ready for usage. Ensure you securely store this token.

Step 2 : Making a connection

Find below the instructions for each platform.

  1. Login to Zapier.

  2. Create a New Zap:

    • Click on "Make a Zap" to start creating a new Zap.

  3. Select Ozy Approvals as Trigger/Action App:

    • Choose OzyApprovals as the trigger/Action app and authenticate using the access token generated earlier.

  4. Authenticate and Set up Action:

    • Authenticate using the respective account and configure the action based on the requirements.

    • Create the connection by inputing a label and access token. If the token is invalid you cannot proceed.

  5. Activate the Zap:

    • Turn on the Zap to activate the integration and start the workflow.

By following these steps and utilizing access tokens, you can establish a secure and effective connection between OzyApprovals and your preferred RPA tool, enabling automated workflows and seamless data exchange.

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