Create a Ticket

Request human input

This Action creates a new request on OzyApprovals. This request can then undergoers one or multiple approval stages.

Below is an illustration of how to register an approval request.

To create a ticket, you need to specify which approval request id you want to create a ticket against for a particular approval stage.

The request id is an output of the "Register an Approval Request" step.

One approval request entry can undergo multiple approval stages which translates to creation of a ticket at every stage we want it to be actioned.

Once a request id is entered, the system will populate the relevant approval stages that it can undergo based on the process the request was made under.

During runtime, this step will be put on pause until the ticket is actioned. The maximum duration that this step can be paused is 30 days. We advice that the ticket be actioned on before this duration lapses otherwise the subsequent steps won't be triggered. Proceed to test the step to finish setting up the zap.

Since this step cannot be tested, we have included a dummy ticket id that you can use on a subsequent step to search for the ticket ID and use the outcome to perform other actions.

On Zapier and power Automate, the "Create a Ticket" action returns the following data structure when the ticket has been actioned on. This will allow the subsequent steps to be triggered. For Make, you need to set up a "When a Ticket is Actioned" trigger to perform other operations after the ticket has been actioned.

        "ticket_id": 311,
        "auth_key_id_used": "2",
        "date_created": "2023-10-06T20:09:30+03:00",
        "request_platform": "Make",
        "process_name": "Overtime Approvals",
        "process_description": "Overtime approvals",
        "process_id": "2",
        "request_id": "275",
        "status": "ACTIONED",
        "actioned_by": "",
        "date_actioned": "2023-10-06T20:09:30+03:00",
        "stage_name": "HR Approval",
        "stage_description": "HR Approval",
        "approvers_emails": "",
        "view_link": "",
        "action_data": {
            "do_you_approve": "",
            "rejection_reason": ""

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